Stefano – Chris Cornell

Is it possible to leave so easily? In this way? Chris……you did not make it; you did it all, except in this one.
I think it is difficult to understand the human soul, it is difficult to think of knowing everything about a person, because sometimes the deepest secrets come out suddenly and destroy everything: certainties, love, hope, the destiny of those who remain…I just want to believe that all this confirms how strong our ties were.
We must also be strong for others, now this pain has approached hundreds of thousands of people and has indirectly changed our paths; my road was closed, at least once in my life I wanted to see your live concert… have deprived me of this, I cried for this.
Remain respect for what you have done and what is continuing in your memory: your voice, your lyrics, your music and your energy… you are everywhere, this is the consolation.


From Italy

Stefano Masi

Chris Cornell