Rita Wilson – Chris Cornell

My heart is broken. My friend Chris Cornell passed away today. He leaves behind his wife, Vicky, and three beautiful children. He was a generous man, so very kind, a true artist, a loving husband and wonderful father. His artistry defined an era and his voice defied all others. When I did Am/Fm I asked Vicky if she thought Chris might consider singing a duet with me of All I Have To Do Is Dream. Within minutes, the answer was yes. He was the first person to say yes to singing with this first timer. His faith meant so much. He came to the studio prepared, had his own mic, got in the booth and went to work. We were so awed by his voice and his humility. When you watch someone legendary create you really are stunned into silence. There’s not much to say when you’re around that kind of gift. You’re just grateful to be in its presence. Chris will not be forgotten. His music lives on and he lives on in his children. I will never forget sweet Chris. May he rest In peace. God bless his soul.

– Rita Wilson, May 2017

Chris Cornell