Photocoyote – Chris Cornell

One of my favorite shots of Chris of all time was taken by my friend Charles Peterson back in December 1993 at Avast Studio in Seattle and it’s included in his book “Screaming Life: A Chronicle of Seattle Music Scene” (1995).

Always thought Charles perfectly captured the deep soul of Chris.
That picture shows you a visionary man, his strength and sweetness.
Truly touches my heart now.

It was natural to me to get inspired by that picture when I drew this portrait, titled “CC’93”.

Making it, a few days after Chris left this world, helped me a lot to vent my anger, frustration and pain for such a tragic loss. I felt as if my house had been bombed in the middle of a serene sunny day all of a sudden. It was my immediate way of dealing with. I’ve put all my broken heart into it.

So, I made it for me and I made it to celebrate the life of a man whose art has given me so much for so many years. And I’m so grateful to know that his art will be with me forever.

I met Chris, my musical hero, about 10 years ago and I had the chance to spend a little time chatting with him. He put me at ease, he was kind, friendly and very humble. I’ll never forget his silent kinda feline way to move.

I’ll never forget anything about him.


Chris Cornell