Carly Glynn – Chris Cornell

Chris was the first real rock star I fell in love with. I was probably 11 years old. I heard his voice on the radio and I felt something I never knew before. I felt soul. So I dialed up the old AOL and asked Jeeves who this beautiful voice belonged to. And I saw him. And I could almost see the soul I heard in his voice in his eyes. And I searched and I found out all I could about him and his music and I went out and bought all the cds I could find. I picked up a guitar. I hid in my room with my headphones screaming in my ears and blisters on my fingers. I made it through most of high school that way. And to this day every time I hear his voice, a part of me inside feels home. Chris was an idol for me. An inspiration. An emotional safety net. He was to so many of us. And we will always be grateful to have been lucky enough to be alive on this big rock in the sky at the same time as him. My love goes to his family. May you always find the feeling of home in his voice, because he’s always with you.

Chris Cornell