Julie Hines – Chris Cornell

I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen Chris 10 times in concert (back in the day with Lollapalooza and his solo days, Audioslave, more solo and Soundgarden again) I live in Cleveland Ohio and when friends of mine got tickets to see ¬†Soundgarden in Detroit last May, I was so excited and kept calling it “best day ever!” – it was and….then it was the worst – my close friends reached out to me to express their understanding for what I was feeling – the joy his music gave me will never die and my sorrow runs deep – I pray for his family and can only imagine their pain – I pray for peace in their lives and I’m truly thankful for him sharing ¬†his talent with us all – the vulnerability expressed through his voice was so real, so rich, so expressive- what a great release it was for me – as a fan, it’s hard to think as I watched his last performance that he was hurting, or scared, or fed up with life or something else – wish I could have helped, for his family’s sake much more than mine – I think, if things get too hard or times are too tough, it’s ok to just escape and disappear – change your scenery – to be honest, I wish he would have done just that – disappeared with his family – start a new…….Rest In Peace Chris – much love always – I attached a photo I took from his last performance.


Chris Cornell