Mike – Chris Cornell

I ran into you one random winter day along the Venice boardwalk in LA as you were walking with your wife on that cold, crisp morning.

I remember seeing you from a distance and marveling that such a statuesque gentlemen should be wandering these misty shores while the world churned, ebbing and flowing; the population of LA scurrying about…but not us.  Not us that morning. I had nowhere to go, nor it seemed you did either.

As we approached each other from opposite directions of the boardwalk, you stopped.  You stopped and allowed me a moment to say hi, perhaps ask a question, or merely stare in awe like the childish star struck fan I was.    Alas, it was the latter that took hold of me in that moment.

I stared and smiled, you smiled back.  It was an awkward silence we shared; myself, you, and your wife (who I thought looked stunningly similar to Cher) paused for a brief moment.  We were the only ones out for a walk that morning and you could have easily strolled by me as one normally does when strangers pass.  But you stopped, and for that I realized you were more than a rock a star, you were a guy who understood things and people, emotions and wants, you understood beyond what any normal person was able.

Thanks man, thanks for it all…and whoever was on the other end of that phone call as you walked away, tell them I said hi.


Chris Cornell