Louise Nardella – Chris Cornell

What I loved about Chris, as much as the music, was how he shared his life with you, his family, with us. We were able to catch a glimpse of who he truly was as a human and it was good. How he loved all of you is how any of us would want to be loved. ¬†We know it wasn’t meant to happen this way. No one could ever convince me otherwise. I didn’t have to know him to know that of him. I had the honor of visiting his resting place to say goodbye. As sad as the day was, I left feeling somehow peaceful. Such a beautiful place in the middle of mayhem. I’ll visit whenever I’m there. Love to you all Vicky.


Thank you for all of the years you gave so much to us. The memories I have of so many shows. My favorites were solo unplugged and stripped down. I remember you playing for us, so sick with the flu, but you were amazing. Thank you for being so selfless. For doing that radio interview when you were exhausted and taking the time to say hi afterwords anyway. I am forever grateful. The music, so many songs that resonate so close, I will have that forever. Wherever you are now, it’s a better place because your there. Along with the friends I’ve lost too soon as well. I miss you all.

Bless you for the memories. XO



Chris Cornell