Kevin Jamieson – Chris Cornell

I was fortunate enough to have seen Chris Cornell on three separate occasions, once with Audioslave at a Scottish festival, a solo gig in Glasgow and a final gig last year in Barcelona – every  time his voice completely blew me away, in fact it was getting better with age!

The concert in Barcelona in April of last year  is my all time favourite gig, mainly because it was a surprise birthday gift from my girlfriend Roisin. I had been convinced because we were headed on holiday I was going to miss his gig in Glasgow and despite my disappointment I kept it to myself -unbeknownst to me, he was playing in Spain and Roisin had it covered!  I had been introducing her to so much of his music since we started dating and when I found out We where going to see him I was really hoping she would like him as much as I did – as soon as he walked on stage, took a seat on that stool, guitar in hand and with a cheeky smile on his face,  her eyes lit up and she squeezed my had – job done Chris!

He opened with a tribute to Prince who had sadly passed away that day, safe to say that his rendition of Nothing Compares to U had the entire audience in tears by the end of the song, it was heartfelt and deeply emotional. He took on some amazing covers throughout, Thank You by Led Zep being my personal favourite (not only does he take on a song by one of the greatest rock bands ever, he completely makes it his own).

He told warmhearted and funny stories about his music, family and life and was in high spirits throughout, spending well over three hours on stage. After the concert me and Roisin walked hand and hand around the streets of Barcelona all night and couldn’t stop talking about just how incredible the experience had been.

I count myself very lucky to have been there that evening and to have shared it with such a special person. To see and feel Roisin’s reactions all night, how much she loved every song, every moment he was on stage – that was the real highlight for me, sharing my favourite artists and music with someone I love. It’s a night I’ll always remember and look back on with a huge smile on my face.

Sending out love and positive vibes to Mr Cornell’s family, friends and fans around the world.

Kevin x


Chris Cornell