Lilly Dunne – Chris Cornell

Dear Vicky, Lily, Toni and Christopher, I am so sorry for your loss. I am just a fan, but I mourn a friend. Chris had been in my life since 1994. Coming from a family background of depression and alcoholism, Chris’s lyrics were my escape.. he helped me when as an early teen, I didn’t have the confidence or know how to ask for help… he was my help… “my saviour”. I was lucky enough to see Soundgarden a couple of times that year. They made the trip all the way down to Australia, and he made us feel the love. They toured once again just before splitting in 1997. Out of 100s of sweaty young kids in that mosh pit, Chris, singled me out to sing to… I will never forget those eyes… so intense… I had to stop myself from looking away, a scared young teen not having the courage too look her idol in the eye… but I let him sing to me… I never broke his stare…. a moment I will cherish for the rest of my life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen him since then over the years… solo, with bands… and every time, he makes us feel like one of him. His stories, his wit, his humour. He treats us the fans, as his friends… that’s why I am mourning my friend.

I wish to god, we could as the CC army put all our love together to bring him back to you. Lord knows there’s enough of us… but we can’t, and that breaks my heart. Please take a little solace, that we are all standing united by you guys. We send nothing but loud love, respect, peace and prayers.

The world is a darker place without Chris here. We have lost an angel. The only brightness is that his demons can’t bother him anymore.

Loud Love always, Lilly Dunne from Melbourne Australia

Chris Cornell