Kim Edwards – Chris Cornell

Your music, voice and words always moved me. Music that was raw and powerful… lyrics about love, anger, fear, darkness and light. Your words so poetic and eloquent, they resonated with my deepest thoughts… like you could see what I was feeling and hiding inside myself.

Throughout my life I have listened and appreciated your gift of music. It has given me much strength and happiness… as well solace in times of deep despair.

I am so thankful for what you shared with us. I loved seeing you and your bands perform… those are times I will not forget. I was always grateful that you’d bring your tours to Australia regularly, you were so committed to your fans… we loved you.

I will always listen to your music, you will not be forgotten. You were a true artist Chris. Know that your spirit lives on in your fans’ hearts every time we hear your voice.

I’ll see you in the sky, the lightning and the night.

Rest easy CC, Loud love

Kim xx

Chris Cornell