Cristiana – Chris Cornell

Dear Chris,

I heard your voice as a teenager, back when Black Hole Sun came to our radio stations, in Romania /Eastern Europe. I was a weird time, after the communist era had just ended and confusion was all around us growing up. What were we? Where did we as a generation belong? Neither in past neither in the rest of the world that looked down on us. Your music soothed our insecurities and brought us a soundtrack to our lives.

Years went by and I moved on with you, to Audioslave, grinding 2 copies of the album in no time from heavy rotation. Your voice, your lyrics, your stamina were so fresh, so poignant, so unforgettable. I dreamed of watching you play with Audioslave but never got the chance.

When Soundgarden reunited I waited for the first chance your band would come close to Europe.

And in June 2014 I drove from Bucharest, through Budapest, Prague and all the way to Berlin with only 5 hrs of sleep, to watch you FINALLY on stage. My little Citroen C3 was speeding as much as his little engine could, almost broke down but it delivered me to your Concert.

You opened for Black Sabbath. And seeing you less than 9 meters away, hearing you – brought tears to my eyes. Happiness. Because yours was the voice of my adolescence and yours were the lyrics to my strength. Along with Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin, you were my hero. Still are.

You were a role-model for many kids I grew up with too. You were a Man, able to give love and shine on for his Family above anything and anyone, following his calling and calling out to us to stand up to our times. You were amazing.

Thank you. For the amazing chance to have lived in the same time as you, to have felt and seen live the energy you spread around, to have felt what you put into your songs. You will always be cherished.

To your family: ¬†Losing someone doesn’t get any easier. It’s just taking comfort in the light he left behind that will ¬†soothe your hearts. Please feel the love we all have for you and for Chris. You will always be loved.


Chris Cornell