Antonella B. – Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell’s voice has accompanied me since my twenties, through highs and lows.  I saw Soundgarden for the first time in Berlin in 1996. I went by myself because I didn’t know anyone there. I thought his voice was magic and touching and yes, full of emotions.

When Chris started touring solo, I rediscovered the immensity of his voice. I brought my husband along and he became an instant fan. His songs became our songs, during trips, at home, walking around the city. In 2015 we had the privilege to see him in Aspen at a very small venue, the Belly Up. We were standing so close to him. I wanted to say something cool and clever but I couldn’t, I felt frozen. I loved seeing that Vicky and the kids were there with him. In a nutshell I loved everything about him.

After that, we saw him in New York with Temple of the Dog. The day before the 2016 elections. The last happy day of 2016. My heart will never stop aching. In every song, every note, I struggle to understand what happened. Your music will never die Chris, but damn if we miss you.


Chris Cornell