Christian Golden – Chris Cornell

I could always find a chunk of Chris’s music to help me through certain things in my life. Today I’m angry: early Soundgarden. Today I’m sad: his first solo album. Today I’m anxious: Higher Truth. Today’s a good day: some Audioslave and Carry On. The thing I’ll miss most is wondering what music he’ll make next. Will it be more solo stuff? Acoustic? Soundgarden? Audioslave? Something entirely different? I’ll never be convinced he didn’t have many more tricks up his sleeve. I’ll always wonder what could’ve been next.

Vicky and kids: I’m so, so sorry for your loss. As much as I’ll miss looking forward to his music, I know you’ll miss him most of all. Carry on and find a way. Find him in everything he sang and wrote about. Do this, and you’ll find him everywhere.


Chris Cornell