Jason Law – Chris Cornell

Mr. Cornell, for thirty plus years you were in an inspiration to me.  As a singer songwriter you had zero rivals.  The ability to weave such a wide variety of emotion into one song, your wonderful use of the English language  in your lyrics, the evocative expression in your music and your effortless delivery…. Truly unmatched in any genre.  I awoke the morning of May 17. 2017 , to hear of your passing.  Never have I felt such a shudder of unbelief.  Of all the people in the Music Industry, you seemed to have it all together. Demons faced and conquered, new music from the everlasting  well of your creativity, band sounding great touring, family doing well.  All things pointed to you having many more years to share with us common folk, with us, the eager masses of people who lived hearing new material and seeing you perform it.  Nothing could have shocked me more than  the ugly news of your passing. I wish to thank you for the amazing music you gave to us, for the memories of your performance, for all of the good you have done for so many people. You are already missed and your loss leaves an unfillable hole in the Music Industry. Be at peace sir.

Jason Law

Chris Cornell