Lucy Hannaford – Chris Cornell

A lion roared at me in 1994 one day,
He screamed to my soul that he’d had a black day,
The curls, the passion, the fire within you,
Ripped through my heart, my brain, every sinew,
Who was this man? This God full of talent and on a spiritual mission,
I fell hard and loved you that is my only admission,
I was intrigued, I needed to know who you were,
Why were you inside me, the obsession I could not deter,
A teenage mind, so confused, found a light, an angel to follow
My heart has been full ever since and I’m scared to feel hollow
Please don’t leave, tell me you’re going to stay
We promised, we would, always follow your way,
How or why we may never answer but I don’t want to get over you,
I don’t want this to end it can’t be, no, it can’t be-not you,
I’m awash reliving my life full of you but God the pain,
You saved me from myself as I danced in your Steel Rain,
Your highs and your lows we have been there no matter, but it seems you are done,
Arms held out, you were the only one,
The ugly truth is sinking in-maybe we really have lost you,
Alive into the Superunknown you flew,
But remember sweet man of the world who grieves for you,
A room a thousand years wide with a rain spattered view,
You didn’t want to go, you were not in your right mind,
Remember my love you will never be outshined.

– Lucy


Chris Cornell