Matthias Frenzel – Chris Cornell

No one sings like you anymore…

Dear Chris,

As I heard what happened to you, I was shocked and began to cry. I can’t believe that you are not here anymore and that I will never see you again on stage with Soundgarden or in a fantastic Solo-show.
The first song I ever heard from you was “You know my name” from the movie Casino Royale. I have to say that I was born in 1994.
The Song was so different from the other Bond-songs and I really liked it, so I decided to buy the album “Carry On”. From this time I’ve heard every record you’ve ever made and I was fascinated by your voice and the beautiful lyrics you’ve wrote.

The last time I saw you in an live show it was in Hamburg in 2016. The atmosphere was so relaxing and harmonious. And you where a great entertainer and story-teller between the songs. Sometimes during the show I believed that you played in my Living room in front of me and my family.
My wife and I always said that we go together to another solo concert but now this isn’t possible anymore. That makes us very sad.

I hope that you find peace whereever you are now.
I always remember you and wish your family all the best.


Chris Cornell