DANNY ZINESI – Chris Cornell

It’s hard to find the right words to express what Chris meant to me in my life.

I’ve always loved grunge, and even if I was born in the 90’s I’ve always felt like a part of this incredible movement.

To me, that wasn’t all about music and anger and success and self-destruction, it was a social and cultural revolution started by a bunch of normal men that showed us their struggles and their inspirations through music.

Soundgarden was obviously an enormous part of the entire movement and I’ve loved those guys since the first time I listened to them, long time ago.

I was scrolling YouTube and I found this clip entitled “Jesus Christ Pose”. I was curious, and I clicked on it. Well, my life was destined to change completely.

The song, the vibe, the emotions just tremendously blew my mind. From that day, grunge was my only true friend.

In this journey I met some amazing performers like Layne, and Eddie, and Andrew Wood, and Lanegan, and Arm, and that weirdo Buzz Osbourne and obviously Kurt, but Chris was stuck in my mind and wouldn’t get out.

I devoured every Soundgarden album and every solo album from Chris and I can tell you straight up that he was my favourite artist out there.

The photo that I chose to post with this script is from his last concert in Italy. Higher Truth tour, 19th of april 2016 at Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan.

The best night of my entire life. A 2 and a half hour set listening, screaming and absorbing the songs that shaped my childhood and helped me being the person I am. I was never so grateful to music than that night.

He was a beautiful person, a huge inspiration, a gentle soul and I imagine him to be the nicest father of all. I’m still processing his departure like any other true fan of him, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to stand again and appreciate again some musician like I did with Chris.

I honestly and genuinely don’t know.

I only hope that some other child or guy like me can discover Chris as a talented musician and let him be a part of his life, ’cause you can learn and experiment some of the greatest emotions in your life just listening and enjoying pieces of work like those made by him.

I will never forget you Chris, I will never forget the way you carried my problems on your shoulders, the way you helped me to handle my fears and the way always made me feel.

God bless you, God bless Kim, Matt and Ben and God bless Vicky and your children. May they find some peace out of this tributes from their dearest fans.

“I, I never wanted to write these words down, for you”.


Chris Cornell