The Mourning Dove – Chris Cornell

The Mourning Dove

While sitting in our family room the other day, my father, still reeling over the loss of his beloved son-in-law, saw a bird beyond the sliding doors pacing back and forth on the patio. At first, he didn’t make much of it. The next day, however, the bird was still there, trying to flap its wings to take flight to no avail. He told my brother who, knowing how much Chris loved birds, gently gathered the bird and took it to a rescue facility on the west side. Once there, we were told the bird was a young mourning dove suffering from respiratory issues. We checked back a few days later and were told the bird is healing and will be released into a sanctuary once fully recovered. I am told the Mourning Dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, of peace and hope. I don’t know if this is a sign from my sweet Christopher but it sure feels like one.


Think on the cov’nant thou hast made,
And all thy words of love;
Nor let the birds of prey invade,
And vex thy mourning dove.
– from Psalm 74

Chris Cornell