TeeRes – Chris Cornell

The year I lived on Maui (91-93), we had plenty of famous people visit, but you don’t get loads of music concerts. They are typically held on the big island (Hawaii). While working as a hostess at Maui Leilani’s I met many famous people. From Magic Johnson to Eddie Vedder, and yes, Chris Cornell (may he rest now, in peace.)

In the case of Eddie and Chris; they were so friendly and chatty. Not I, nor any of the staff at Leilani’s, ever asked them for autographs or photos. And social media didn’t exist, Thank God. We all seemed to be grateful to be in the experience of speaking with them as men with highly skilled talents and so much to say. They asked us as many questions as we asked them. They engaged with manners and kindness. It didn’t hurt that much of the island were massive Pearl Jam and Sound Garden fans. But we never imposed where we weren’t invited. And that could be why they were so relaxed.

There’s so much more to that story but I will keep some things sacred and close to my heart, rather than share. I don’t want Chris’s hard work, contributions and sacrifice to fizzle or be forgotten. I’ve vowed to post and repost him in the effort to #keepthepromise and help keep his promise to us all. I thank God for Chris’s time on this earth as he validated; ‘it’s not the years in your life, it’s the life in your years. Thank you for your jam packed years. Myself and my network send so much love to Vicky and their children. TO MRS. CORNELL-We are so thankful you’re allowing people who love Chris to share in the healing process of his untimely passing. You’re truly Amazing and I can understand why he loved you so much. Thank You!

Chris Cornell