Bernd Buschmann – Chris Cornell

Dear Vicky,

Following an article I just read where they say you ask Chris fans to keep posting their tributes as it helps you through the unbearable, I felt I had to post this tribute song from my dear friend Timo.

Chris has influenced and inspired at least our generation including us with his music and personality. No disrespect to Nirvana and Curt, but to us Chris is the real star of the generation “grunge” music – and beyond grunge as well.

We all love Rock’n’Roll, Metal etc. However With Acoustic Delite we are trying to add value to people’s life, giving them joy and pleasure with some nice tunes, fine music and a way to calm down in this stressful and noisy world.

Not sure you heard the song that way before but we hope you can enjoy it a little bit:

Our thoughts go to you and your beloved!

Bernd & the Acoustic Delite family



Chris Cornell