Rob – Chris Cornell

I never got to meet Chris, but his work was just so important to me. It was the reason I even wanted to play music. I remember being in the basement playing games with friends when the music video to Fell on Black Days came on and I remember just thinking wow- and being so moved and inspired by it. Years later, Chris really helped me find my own singing voice. Even though we never met, I consider him to be a teacher almost. I can say with confidence that I know his entire discography by heart. I’ve belted out every mournful word along side him on long stretches of dark road. He was like a good friend.
It was my dream to one day meet him and maybe even perform with him or collaborate on something. Silly childhood dreams, I know.

I was too young to catch a Soundgarden show in the 90s, but I was overjoyed when my favorite band got back together in 2010 and I devoured every bit of live footage I could find.
I just saw them again this year in Kansas City. One of their last shows. At one point, Chris stepped away from the stage for a few minutes in the middle of the set just to sign some things a fan had handed him in the front row. He was seriously the king of cool.

I just wish I could have met him once. Just one time to shake his hand, look him in the eye and tell him just how much his music meant to me. I had his solo album, Euphoria Morning on repeat during my divorce and it really helped me through. It remains, in my opinion, the most beautiful and raw album ever written. Please do yourself a favor and listen to Euphoria Morning today.
It’s not much, but I thought I should do something to honor this absolutely towering mountain of musical talent:

Say hello to heaven, Chris. I hope I get to see you there.

– Rob

Chris Cornell