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The Chris Cornell I’ll Remember

May 18th, 2017: Waking up to the news of Chris Cornell’s passing today was difficult for me. Emotional thoughts and memories washed over and through me like sets of uncontrollable waves. One memory stuck out…

October 2015: We’re hanging out near the famous Paramount Theater in Denver where Chris Cornell had just performed a show on his 2015 Higher Truth solo tour. After the show, we’re chatting with people we’d met earlier in the evening and out walks Chris Cornell. Big smile on his face, he instantly begins connecting with the group of fans that recognized him and displayed thrilling smiles in return.

Chris took the time for a few fan photos, signed autographs and simply talked with people for several minutes, just hanging out with the group… even pointing over at me and saying “Hey! That’s an awesome Pearl Jam T-shirt”, all while having a big smile on his face.

There will no doubt be books written about his magical golden voice, his musical influence, all the great shows, etc…

The Chris Cornell I’ll remember? That smiling, happy guy on that chilly autumn night in Denver.

He knew he touched so many.

That’s the Chris Cornell I’ll remember.

I had the honor and privilege of photographing Chris at several of his Higher Truth tour shows. The photos say more than my words can express…please see original article at ArtistWaves.com.

Chris Cornell