Jc Lopez – Chris Cornell

I met Chris Cornell in Miami , Florida on my birthday 10/29/2015. I was able to chat with him for about 15 minutes at the meet and greet. He was the sweetest most gentle artist I ever met and I have met quite a few. CC’s music has helped me get over low moments in my life, breakups, depression, etc. We chatted about music and his foundation with Vicky which he was very passionate about. I was trying to remain calm and avoid acting like a fan boy in front of him, but I was able to tell him that my Favorite song was “Blow up the outside world” due to its lyrical content which I was able to relate with.

I was so overwhelmed with him signing my memorabilia and taking pics that I forgot to tell him that it was my birthday. Needless to say it was already one of my best memorable birthdays ever, but it would only get better. The show began and everyone at the venue was in awe and admiration, the crowd kept on giving him standing ovations after almost every song.

Chris is well known to talk to the audience during his solo shows, and today was not the exception as he began to introduce the next song he told a brief story which made my night. Quoting Chris, “Earlier tonight I met a fan and this is his favorite song” as he began strumming the guitar to the chords of Blow Up The Outside World. Unforgettable moment for me as a long time fan.

JC Lopez

Chris Cornell