Meghan – Chris Cornell

Chris had a major impact on so many people’s lives, including mine. I have been a huge fan of him and all his works since I was very little which wasn’t that long ago.

I have received a lot of negative feedback from many people since the moment I heard about Chris’ tragic death.┬áMost of my friends at school thought I was crazy for crying over a musician passing away. I heard things like, “he didn’t even know you existed” and “maybe you should end your life too then.” I was so distraught and I didn’t know what else to turn to except for his music. I was completely heartbroken. He wasn’t just a musician, but a human being with a heart and soul just like everyone else. I always felt a connection with him through all of his incredible music because I related to it on a personal level. I’ve dealt with depression and anxiety so listening to Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, and Chris’ solo work was a way for me to escape from reality and be in touch with someone who I could actually relate to. His voice always took me away to a different place, somewhere so surreal. His smile, personality, talent, generosity, everything. He was perfect to me and many others I’m sure.

We never know what hides behind someone’s smile or kind words. I understand the internal struggle Chris must have been going through at the time because he was human like everyone else. I have lost many loved ones in the past few years and I know exactly what his beautiful wife, children, and family must be going through during this difficult time. I would like to let them know that they are not alone. Chris will forever dwell in everyone’s hearts. His soul will always be with us no matter where we go or what we do. We will have his music and beautiful lyrics for the rest of our lives. I don’t have personal memories of him since I am only a fan, but we always have our dreams to hold onto as well. Cherish the memories you had with him and hold them close to your heart. I would like to also send out a huge thank you to Chris’ wonderful family for allowing everyone to share tributes. They are all so touching and I hope that mine will be another encouragement. Gone, but never forgotten.

Love from North Carolina,


Chris Cornell