Maryam Khoshaba Rich – Chris Cornell

This has been one of  the hardest losses of life I’ve had to deal with, the first was losing my mom in Jan of 2000 and I was only 18 years old. I may have not known Chris personally but his music touched my heart and soul and I am truly so sad that he is gone. I know there’s nothing I can say to you Vicky and your beautiful babies to make it any better. I have struggled and will never get over losing my mother, that pain just doesn’t go away  no matter how many years have gone by. Also to be diagnosed with the same rare heart condition she had when I was 27 was just more tragedy to deal with. I have 2 daughters to live for and take care of and Vicky I just wanted to send my love to you and your family and to keep hanging on. I couldn’t even imagine losing my husband and I would be lost without him here. I will pray for you and your family each day I am alive and Chris will never be forgotten. I loved his music and will listen to it always. It’s just so hard to listen without me breaking down and cry. He will be in all our hearts forever! May he rest in peace!


Chris Cornell