Amora Blessing – Chris Cornell

Chris used to come into the zoo with his first daughter quite often. I worked there in the food court. Chris was always so sweet, gentle, kind and very humble. I cannot at this time recall our specific conversations. He came to my line every time. I would always treat him like a normal person, and yet he wasn’t; Chris had an otherworldly quality about him and it was almost as if we spoke without speaking. I made it clear that I was a fan but in such a gentle, unobtrusive way that I could tell he appreciated. I wish I could go back and make sure I communicated gratitude and love in a deeper way. His music and voice was one that helped me survive my youth. Music saved me and I am sure it saved him many times. The choice to leave us couldn’t have been easy. The choice to stay isn’t easy either, but even though he’s in a different place, he’s still helping us to survive. Keep going. We’ll all see him again. Until then, turn it up!

– Amora

Chris Cornell