Louis Platts - Dunn – Chris Cornell

I’m privileged to have seen Chris (acoustically and with Soundgarden) a total of four times. I think it was when I saw him in an acoustic setting that I realized, not only the unparalleled nature of his voice and song-writing, but that he was a personable, kind, and good-humoured guy, who loved engaging with other people; even through making someone’s day by inviting them onto the stage to perform with him. I came to see, too, that his music was powerful and transporting because it was truthful; in all its darkness and its happiness. It meant that he and his music became a profound and relatable presenceĀ in my life, one that saw me through good and bad. I can’t imagine the pain his wife, children, other family and friends must be in, but they should know and be proud that the effect he had on me, was one he had on millions of others.

We share your grief, and I send nothing but love from the UK.


Chris Cornell