Kimberley Bell – Chris Cornell

I have so much to say about Chris Cornell that I don’t know where to begin or how to put my feelings into words.

I didn’t know him personally. I was merely a fan of his since the beginning. The first time I heard him sing I was mesmerized. Hooked. He has been my favorite singer since I can remember.

So many things attracted me to him, but what endeared me to him was how he was with his wife and children. I saw him perform in Seattle at Benaroya Hall in 2015. His family was offstage and Lily was onstage taking pictures. He was definitely about his family. That touched my heart immensely.

I miss him. I hurt for his family and friends. I can’t imagine how they feel because I know I’m devastated over his passing and I’m a nobody.

Everyday I check the websites to see any new posts on him. Every morning I scroll through all the local radio stations hoping to her his music. Every single day. I think about him and his beautiful family. I’m spiritual so I send good vibes to his loved ones.

He was amazing. He was human. He was a Husband. A father. A son. A Brother a loyal friend. He was another human trying to make it through this ridiculous world.

He was an amazing singer. The best. And he touched me deeply with his lyrics and passion.

Im so very sorry to the family and friends that lost him.

I believe his wife knows better than anyone else what went wrong that night. He loved her and his babies. He loved his family and friends. I wish with everything I have to be able to go back in time and change this nightmare.

I will continue to listen to ALL his music everyday just like I have since the 90’s till the day I leave this earth. His music speaks to me and makes me happy.  I now feel deep sorrow when I hear him but I’m thankful he was put on this earth for this short time to touch us all with his music.

From one of your dearest die hard fans. I love you and miss you much.


Chris Cornell