Llana Williams – Chris Cornell

Words cannot describe the pain and shock that went through me when my mother woke me earlier than usual. Her exact words were, “Chris Cornell died.” I refused to believe it and the only thing I could say was “No.” and “there’s no way.” Not even two weeks before, Soundgarden came to Beale Street Music Fest in Memphis Tennessee and it felt like a dream come true to view that man sing and play his heart out on that stage. Chris is by far my biggest vocal and music inspiration. I feel like I have to listen to his voice at least once a day to get my day going. I just have a playlist of his music on Spotify and I listen to that in the mornings before school. A musician passing has never affected me more than this, and even 3 months later I am still so devastated and confused. It’s still so surreal. He meant so much to me as a musician and as a human being. It was almost as if I knew him personally, it struck me so hard. That whole week was terrible. My best friends and family were so distraught. I have spent so many of my hours listening to his voice and his talent, and not a single one of those hours was a waste. He has built me up so much as a person and as a musician, and only influences me to do better and to excel in my hobby. He is so wonderful and he left so much of himself for everyone to experience in all the years to come. He left the biggest piece of himself: his music. And that music will be with us forever.

– Llana

Chris Cornell