Gwen – Chris Cornell

In 2006 my daughter, Alicia, was killed by her mentally ill boyfriend. She was only 19. I was devastated.

My husband and I had to come up with photos and music for a slideshow for her funeral. It was emotionally draining.

Since we have always been Soundgarden fans (and Chris Cornell fans in general), we went through some of his songs. As we listened to Sunshower we were both so moved. We used that beautiful song as the main song for her slideshow.

wrote to Chris to thank him for the song. He and Vicky actually sent an orchid (Alicia’s favorite flower) along with a kind note. What a kind and thoughtful gesture.

When I learned of Chris’s recent passing I was just heartbroken. I have so much sympathy for what his family is going through. Prayers to all of you. You’ll never get over the loss but you will eventually get to the other side of it.

Love, Gwen

Chris Cornell