Jessica – Chris Cornell

I will never forget the first time I paid attention — REALLY paid attention — to Chris’s voice. Euphoria Mourning¬†escorted me through a dark, uncertain time in my life that was compounded by a terrible breakup. I felt empowered when I listened to “Can’t Change Me,” and I cried when I listened to “Disappearing One.” It all just fit. I still listen to that album so often, but with a different ear for a different time in my life.

I had listened to Soundgarden since high school, with my brother, on our car rides to school, happy memories there for which I have the music to thank; but the rarity of Chris’s sound and overwhelming talent struck me way later than it should have. I am full of regret for ¬†never having gotten to see him play live.

I am grateful to Chris for sharing himself with the world. Thank you to the family for sharing Chris with us. There’s a huge hole in the music world that can never be filled.


Chris Cornell