Brianna Clark – Chris Cornell

There are so few artists in the world that can write meaningful and relatable lyrics that not only speak directly to a situation, but also leave room for interpretation.  What I loved so much about Chris Cornell was his thoughtful writing. He was so gifted at communicating himself through words, and of course then his music. Like poetry set to music.  His song Heaven’s Dead, one of my favorite songs – I find to be so deeply romantic and selfless. I could go on about every song but I just want to say I have followed him since I was kid until now at age 30 – and thankful to have his solo album to leave us with.  I hate so much that he has left and I sincerely pray for his family, loved ones, and his kiddos. I know you hear it a lot, but he touched more lives in one day than most ever do in a lifetime.


Chris Cornell