AJ – Chris Cornell


Dear Chris,

It all still doesn’t seem real yet. Our hearts are still so heavy, not only with the sadness of losing you but also with the fullness of how blessed we are to have you as part of our family.

Putting aside your magical artistry, we knew you as the thoughtful family man and Godfather to our son. You were always genuine in every aspect of our relationship. We saw and felt first hand the deepest love and adoration you had for your wife and children. We know it wasn’t ever your will or any real intention to deprive your family of a long life, full of love, creativity, and immeasurable experiences with you but rather an unconscious act, an act of delirium not of your control.

You leave a strong wife and mother to Toni and C, who will always fight for the truth of your legacy. Be comforted that they will be brought up well. The void will never be filled, but we have a lot to look back on. We are all truly fortunate to have had you in our lives. You made a promise to us that you would be our son’s Godfather, which you knew that my wife and I placed a high value on. My promise to you is that I will be the backbone of a support system for your family that will never be broken. I promise to love and guide them as they make this journey called life without you.


Chris Cornell