Aimi Greaves – Chris Cornell

How can a voice like yours be gone,
No one sings like you anymore,
You became our disappearing one,
And the tears cried out were a downpour.

A voice like yours just melted our heart,
And your heart was shone through every word,
The pain and suffering played its part,
All your words spoken well heard.

A voice like yours could never be replaced,
There will never be someone like you,
The end of the world was when you were erased,
Such voices left now are too few.

A stolen prayer was spoken that day,
Wishing it wasn’t the case,
Everyone wondering what to say,
Everyone missing your face.

A scar upon the sky you made,
The day you said goodbye,
A voice like yours will never fade,
Your words will never die.

Your music will live,
The stories you told,
You had so much to give,
But the heart grew old.

A voice like yours we will always miss,
The scream and the soulful sound,
Healed our pain with a musical kiss,
And we loved knowing you were around.

No one sings like you anymore,
There really is a black hole in the sun now,
You had so much more to live for,
But the pain must have been stronger somehow.

Your voice within won’t be silent,
You will still make many hearts melt,
Because this is a world still violent,
And your words will always be felt.

We will share the promise you made,
And say thank you for helping us through,
Our teenage memories may fade,
But we will always remember you.

Aimi Greaves
16 Jan 2018
Ok goodnight people x

Chris Cornell