Aea – Chris Cornell

I was in a really dark place when I first came across Chris’s music. And though I love a lot of different types of music, Chris was different. Not only because of the unparalled voice & sound, but because he was so genuine that his soul shone through each and every note and word. And I was like praying for a miracle that one day I could get a chance to see him live. To me, music is life, but there aren’t many acts that I dream of seeing live.

That miracle never came. Instead, the news came this May and it was shattering. It was like losing a family member. Never felt that about the passing of someone I didn’t know. Because it felt like all of us who loved him really ‘knew him’ and like we were all one big family. I never really recovered and I guess none of us did or ever really will, but we will forever cherish his legacy, we will look up to the skies and remember that we each have a part to play and we should always strive to make something beautiful and helpful for people, something to leave behind.

It’s an immeasurable loss, but a gain by creating a community of people who understand, who are there for each other and who can bring awareness so that angels among us don’t have to leave early to be our angels from above.

Thank you to the wonderful family for guarding his memory and values and for interacting with fans. Lots of strength to you and to all of his friends. Lots of love to Vicky and the kids and especially Toni for keeping the music alive.


Chris Cornell