Tonia – Chris Cornell

I don’t really know where to begin. Even now, it feels mad to write something for the man who, in my humble opinion, had the best voice in rock ever. My sister and I, her rock star is Eddie Vedder (great choice Nims), mine was always Chris.

I am 46. I grew up with many 70s things, until GRUNGE exploded onto the scene. I lived in south coast UK. I still do. I would have given a bloody kidney to have gone to Seattle back in that day. I was born in December 71. We were all children influenced by the 60’s and early 70’s. That spirit of rock, that freedom. My parents, silly young when they had me, embraced that spirit, that freedom, that vibe. They fully supported me in all my adventures. I am aware I ramble – Chris was a trailblazer of the scene that captured me at just 18. The pic I am adding is me, at 18, a family photo after I had been at a rock club all night, moshing to Soundgarden, Alice in Chains etc.

I finally saw him live at Hyde Park Calling a few years ago and he was pure magic. He bought out his lil kids to meet everyone and the audience went wild. He was supporting Aerosmith but really, he shone much brighter. Vicky, I am so sorry for your loss. The moment I heard I texted my husband with the words “My rock star died.” His reply: “Oh my Toni, I am so sorry, I know how much he moved you.”

He moved so many of us that way. many of us. I am a teacher. No-one at school understood. I stood, in that staffroom, aged 46, with tears rolling. His loss is a massive loss to the world, but more so to his family. I send you love, I send you thanks, he was and is an amazing man and talent. Thank you for shaping my life, Mr Cornell.


Chris Cornell