Sylvia – Chris Cornell

For days I’ve been thinking about writing you and for some reason I was not encouraged … it’s strange because I feel so many things … you are always on my mind, there is not a day in my life that does not remind you … your departure was so abrupt and unexpected, so painful, that I still remember you and I cry, I can´t help it … I am overwhelmed by an immense sadness when I think of your family, your children, your wife, your dear friends, so much life ahead… so many things to do, so many questions without answers and this new feeling of melancholy that crosses me at times and that I try to cure with your music, your songs … I find consolation in Sunshower, for example, which is like a balm for me, that comforts me and heals my soul …

I am so grateful to have been in the last concert of your Higher Truth tour, here in Buenos Aires … that you have chosen my city for your last date fills me with pride. It was an honor to receive you and you were given an ecstatic reception, as you deserved, with that passion that characterizes us (as Argentines) so much… I hope you have felt all that love, that you have enjoyed it as much as we did.

Today something beautiful happened to me, I have a 3 year old daughter who already recognizes your voice and your face when I listen to you at home and gives me immense pride, because if there is something that I promised myself, my daughter would know all your legacy … (she already listens to you at times, when she allows me, among her favorite children’s songs) Today in the morning, my daughter was in bed with me, she had taken my cell phone and she was looking at all the family photos I have, without say a single word, she was passing the pictures one by one, while I watched the news on TV.

Suddenly she stopped in a photo of you, (the only one I have in my cell) who I had downloaded from the internet to write you a few words the day of your death, in the photo you are smiling, you look SO happy at the Teatro Colón, with the Flag of Argentina in your hand … And she said with surprise: “Look mom, it’s Chris Cornell, your friend, your BEST friend.” And putting the cell phone in her ear with your picture on the screen, she started the next conversation: “Hello Chris, I’m Delfina, I’m 3 years old, how are you? Do you want to play with me? And as if you were answering, she said “‘I would love it!” Thank you! I send you many kisses!

I did not ask her anything because I did not want her to see my emotion, my tears ran down my face … until that moment I had not realized what day it was … a few hours after this I realized that today was 18…7 months of your absence but in me and in my affections you are more present than ever…

I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER … GRACIAS TOTALES, as we say here in Argentina.


Chris Cornell