Stu Edgcombe – Chris Cornell

Hi Cornell Family

I am so truly sorry for your loss. Chris was and still is an incredible man! The way he touched so many lives throughout the world his memory and music will be with us forever. That can never be taken away. My wife and I were so fortunate to see Chris at the Palace of Fine Arts theatre in San Francisco a few years back. I loved him with Soundgarden, but I treasured seeing him solo. What a memorable evening it was! He was so happy that night and told great stories. I will never forget this, one of his friend’s kids was in the audience that night, he was a little boy, maybe seven or so. He had lost a tooth like kids do. Well Chris brought him up on stage to take a look! It was so cool and so real. Chris passed away on my wife and I’s 20th wedding anniversary. It was such a hard day for us. We had a hard time celebrating our day as we had lost someone who was very dear to us and our lives. I think about Chris often. My heart will always miss him. I can only imagine what all of you are going through. Remember all the happy times and memories and know that he is never far from your side.

Much love. I hope peace finds you soon



Chris Cornell