Roberta – Chris Cornell

I was a 15 years old girl living in a tiny town in Italy when I discovered Soundgarden. With their music and all the other Seattle grunge bands I went through difficult times as a teen. I have struggled with depression since then but the music was always with me in the most sad and difficult momemts. I remembered listening to superunknown and badmotorfinger for hours and days and years have passed and I have never stopped listening to them. Chris’s voice now makes me cry, it’s just so painful to hear and I used to loved that voice. The live shows were always amazing: I followed Chris through the years with Audioslave and his solo albums. I always ¬†thought he will always be around. I feel so sorry I gave him for granted. When I heard he passed away I was so shocked, I still can’t believe I am never gonna see him again. His music and words gave me so much, he meant so much to me that words aren’t enough.

Since this tragedy happened I keep thinking about his family. I would like to be able to do something to take your pain away and bring him back for you Vicky, and your kids especially. I will always keep him in my heart. It’s now a constant reminder to never give anybody and anything for granted. I send you all my love. I hope time will help you heal. I hope to be able to restart listening to his voice at some point without crying. Thank you Chris, thank you, thank you, thank you!! You kept me alive… I wish you would have known how much you meant to me..

The picture was taken in Paris may 2012 (Soundgarden back together) I was in the front row. I was so happy that day.


Chris Cornell