Raymond Norvell – Chris Cornell

I, like so many others, sadly never got the chance to meet Chris. Despite this, I felt as though he was a part of my family. Losing him was undescribably crushing. There has been nothing in this world that has scarred me in such a deep way, and nothing ever will.

I’m sure we all know what a fantastic man he was. He touched the lives of millions, and the world is forever better for the wonderful blessing that he was.

It may seem silly that some random person such as myself would think they were somehow connected to him. The truth is, without ever seeing him in person, he became a part of me. I’m sure there are others that feel this way. I will never truly recover from his loss, but I must keep surviving.

I can only imagine the effect this has had to those close to him. His family and friends have my deepest condolences, as do all those that loved him for any reason.

As we continue I hope that we can all charish his memory and keep him in our hearts. Let him serve as a reminder of the true beauty in this world. While it fades, it never goes away.


Chris Cornell