Ramone Romero – Chris Cornell

Thank you so much for sharing your love and grief as you mourn.

Honestly I didn’t know Chris’ music very much, for varying reasons. Soundgarden wasn’t my style though my formative music years were during the peak of grunge. But maybe it was hearing his solo work on the “Singles” soundtrack, or years later when I saw videos of Chris with an acoustic guitar on solo tours, sometime in there I saw him anew and…

And I was moved. His voice. His way of singing. His heart. God, he was perfect. As you already know. Seeing him stripped down acoustic doing covers… God, it was meant to be. There was something I wish I could be. I wanted to hear him sing more. And more.

And seeing your posts since he walked on—as is said of dying in Native American traditions—since he walked on I’ve seen through your posts what a loving husband and father he was. I saw his joy and love of life. That voice I heard in his singing wasn’t accidental, but came from a deep and loving heart beneath.

I was inspired again. The way he loved his family, the way he loved life and breathed and enjoyed and savored it… again I find that I want to live and love like that.

The more I listen to him and learn about him, the more I am inspired and moved. I pray for your peace as you grieve and somehow, go on.

Thank you so much for sharing your hearts with us fans out here. Thank you for sharing Chris with us. I’m looking forward to seeing you all together again and meeting him. And hearing him sing again.

Ramone Romero
Osaka, Japan

Chris Cornell