Phyllis Stovall – Chris Cornell

I went through my own struggles of severe addiction & depression for 15+ yrs & during that time Chris Cornell’s music is what I listened to the most. His lyrics soared right through me to my very core. It was like he was there w/me through it all.

His loss has been so heartbreaking for me. I felt like a piece of me was taken away. All the memories of listening to him while fighting my battles came rushing back full force. And I mean everything! I never realized just how important he was to me & my life. Every movie, every song, every album; I have. From Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Audioslave to ALL of his single albums.

One of my best friends & I got to see him w/Soundgarden in 2014 in Houston & I’m so so glad I did. Was hoping to catch another show one day. That is the pic. I attached this too.

I know he never meant for this to happen especially leaving his family. I believe this w/every fiber of my being. Now, he is as important to me today as is was back then. I doubt I’ll ever get over it but I do plan to visit him at Hollywood Forever come next Summer. I pray daily for peace for you, Vicky, as well as for his children. God bless you all & rest easy Chris…………..


Chris Cornell