Marilee Polidoro – Chris Cornell

Inevitably there comes a time when our children become teenagers. ¬†Fighting, arguments, running away……there seems like all hope is lost in ever communicating again.

That’s how it was with my daughter and me in the 90s. We had nothing at all in common to speak about. Until Chris Cornell.

My daughter introduced me to his music from Soundgarden and TOTD, and I was hooked.

Together we attended no less than 6 concerts of Chris’s, and with his help, unbeknownst to him, we were able to come back together not just as a parent and a child, but as friends.

Chris’s music touched me deeply, and his tragic passing affects me every day.

My heart breaks for his family; not knowing or understanding why his life ended the way it did.

He is still with you and I believe he is watching over you all.

My deepest and sincere condolences for your family VC.

– Marilee

Chris Cornell