Mandy Red Crow – Chris Cornell

Chris was my all time favorite singer. I followed him through both his and my life. He grew up with me. Every single band he was in was incredible. He made music.

I was there every time he came to Alberta. He came with AUDIOSLAVE on October 2,2005. I was front row with my late brother GJ. We moshed n sang with him the whole night. My late brother loved him. His voice and now he can visit him in heaven and talk about how much we loved his music.

Our favorite song was and still is I AM THE HIGHWAY…. And UNTIL WE FALL…he also came solo to Banff, AB. I recently went to visit him at Hollywood Forever put flowers and said how much he meant to me. He is my Elvis. He was my idol. I loved him so much. I’m a huge fan and never been a fanatic to anyone or any band but his bands. My favorite is Soundgarden, Temple of the dog and especially AUDIOSLAVE.. As well as his Part Of Me song was good twist. He will always be missed. Love you Christopher John Boyle.

Mandy Red Crow

Chris Cornell