Kerry Ann – Chris Cornell

When I was in high school, I really felt like an outsider. As many of us do. I was a lost soul and I was searching for who I was, and what that really meant. I remember hearing Temple of the Dog for the first time. It opened my heart and soul. I fell in love with music! I memorized every riff, note and lyric. Then I discovered Soundgarden. My whole world opened. I wish I could say thank you. Thank you, Chris for being there and understanding! My heart broke the day I learned he was gone. Only 4 days from seeing Soundgarden live… A piece of my soul is gone with him.

To Vicky and his children, my heart and deepest condolences go out to you. I know it feels impossible to get through this. We are all here sending you love. Thank you for giving us your Chris. He will always be missed.

Kerry Ann

Chris Cornell