Karen Brown – Chris Cornell

I started listening to Soundgarden in 1994, after Kurt Cobain’s death. Nirvana was my favorite band. I was in love with Kurt and grunge. I was in 9th grade, 14 yrs old and devastated by his death.  The first time I heard Black Hole Sun I thought, wow I guess music will still be okay without Kurt. The voice of Chris was like  no other and will never be duplicated. So many levels and notes he could hit. His music gave me goose bumps. His beautiful hair, and a face carved by angels.  The song Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog is one of my favorite songs of all time. Every single time I listen to it I get chills. The lyrics, his voice and pure passion. It is the only song I never skip on my phone.

I like many others could not believe he news I heard that day. I still don’t believe he did it! No way. He loved his wife and children way too much. I will never accept it and neither will any of his fans.  I remember the picture his wife shared on Facebook of them at a hotel in Paris I think. She was sitting next to a friend on the floor. He was in a chair just gazing at her. The way he looked at her, such love and compassion. He would never hurt her or his children. I will miss you every single day Chris. I will always pray for you and your family. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Your music will live on through us all.


Chris Cornell