Jenn Alarza – Chris Cornell

I started this digital portrait of Chris Cornell a few days after his passing, as a way to try to cope with what happened, it was finished in May 21st 2017. His wonderful music helped me in the process and I felt his presence a lot, still do.

I have come to Chris’s voice over the years when I’ve feeling lost, sometimes this music was too good for me even, like it was too much for a normal human like me to listen. Since he passed away his magnificent music has been on repeat in my house constantly, he was not only a fantastic musician able to touch the souls of thousands of people, he was such a wonderful human being. As a portrait artist I tried to portray him in the past, but I felt that his facial expression was so difficult because there were very powerful things hidden there, it overwhelmed me and I didn’t feel able to capture it well.

I never saw him in life, but I feel his presence a lot since May and at one point in June, when I was very worried about what happened, I felt he’s in a good place now after a bird came to my patio and stayed there for a few days, his mother came to feed him every hour. This little sparrow bird reminded me of Chris, because I was constantly thinking about his passing perhaps, but I believe in signs from the Universe, and about two weeks after, Vicky, his wife, posted a picture of a dove that reminded her of his husband. Is it a coincidence? I don’t know. May he rest in peace, he is still helping a lot of people with his wonderful legacy, and you will live forever in our hearts, Chris. Thank you for everything.


Chris Cornell