Jeffrey Miller – Chris Cornell

Over the past winter I forced myself to listen to some new bands because everyone else I listened to was growing old. So I got quite into Soundgarden and U2. I silently thought to myself “these are two bands I’ll be able to see for the next 20 years when everyone else passes”. Sadly this will not happen, but I was able to see Chris and Soundgarden once in April. It was one of Chris’ last shows and I was third row center in front of him. I can still feel the goosebumps that rose on my arm when I heard the opening for spoonman. After that night I feel deeply in love with Soundgarden, a love and respect that only Springsteen and Soundgarden can get from me. Not to sound like every angsty teen, but I struggle with depression. So when I first heard “The Day I Tries To Live” and “Fell on Black Days” I was totally blown away. The lyrics struck a chord with me and hit me deep inside. And since April 30th, the day after the show, my Soundgarden “A sides” cd has stayed in my CD player. I was shocked to hear the news 19 days later about Chris. I was quite distraught, I had the ¬†AP calculus exam that day and in every free response section I wrote out “RIP Chris Cornell”. I am so sorry for Chris’ family and friends, as I cannot imagine the pain. Anything I can do, please let me know.

– Jeffrey

Chris Cornell