Heather Fielder (Raine) – Chris Cornell

wrote this two days after his passing…
I’ve been so sad for the past two days and yesterday I just kept thinking, I wish I could go back to sleep and wake up in yesterday… and words kept coming and some more writer talk (Chris would understand) I’m not sure it’s done but here it is
Turned to your words and voice so I that wouldn’t make that choice
How hard to I have to pray for this to be a lie?
Now that every song sounds like goodbye
Who’s gonna be there to help the others now
Who’s gonna go to yesterday to keep you safe somehow
Don’t even know what I’m doing
Seconds like hours, hours like minutes and lose my train of thinking
In my heart there’s a sinking
and I’m fighting tears like a war
I can’t say I’ve ever felt this alone before
It’s one of those days that you want to go back to sleep
Just to stay in yesterday
When the world was still okay
Like a nightmare and a lesson
your living was a blessing
And I’ve never felt this alone before
And I never seen beauty quite so clear before
Like what’s on the surface was a window and not a door
Eyes like water and voice like rain
I’ve never felt this dry before
I’d love to follow you into the desert and show a little sympathy
Now left to feel nothing but post traumatic empathy
And I sure wish I could be sure of this somehow
heaven has been singing but you’re giving the angels a run for their money now

– Heather

Chris Cornell