Fabrice Bongartz – Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell was more than just a genius musician. He was a good father, a loving husband and he had a heart of gold.

At the back of the booklet from “Higher Truth”, Chris wrote the following:

“This work is dedicated to my one true Love Vicky Cornell. You are my deepest inspiration, my savior and my muse. Your heart beats in every song and your eyes light the path to all tomorrows. I love you…

For my children: Toni, Christopher and Lily who always inspire and who make the sacrifice without complaint that their father has a job that takes him away.”

I am one of the members of Soundgarden Fans, a 18 000 strong Facebook group. We’re all grieving Chris together.

From the beautiful text Chris wrote on his latest solo album, we know that you, Vicky, are his soulmate. We can never imagine what you’re going through and we wish we could take away your pain.

Some of our us decided to send you and the kids some heartfelt messages in the form of a picture of you and Chris together – the picture is made out of over 4000 words and each letter is a tiny part of the whole. We sincerely hope that you, Christopher, Toni and Lily can find some comfort by knowing that we all have you in our thoughts and prayers.

The fans are there for you and we reach out to you. As many expressed, Chris lives on: in you, in your children, his family, in his music and in all his fans’ hearts.


Fabrice Bongartz and the members of Soundgarden Fans.

Chris Cornell